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  • Landfill 3
    The Kinetic Pulverizer increases the lifespan of landfills.
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  • Power Lines
    The Kinetic Pulverizer increases the performance and efficiency of waste to energy systems.
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Welcome to Torxx

Torxx is the leader in feedstock preparation and waste volume reduction. We are revolutionizing the way in which waste is processed in preparation for landfill and waste to energy systems. Torxx has developed the Kinetic Pulverizer, which pulverizes various types of waste and materials to a fine fluff through an innovative de-construction process. This process uses the manipulation of air flow within the chamber to cause any material entering the chamber to ‘self destruct”. This has the result of converting waste products into engineered feedstocks to increase the performance of any thermal conversion process, including gasifiers, pyrolysis units and incinerators. It also has the major benefit of removing almost all of the entrained air and moisture, enabling landfill operators to preserve valuable airspace by dramatically reducing daily volume.